Unpropped tinkers with tension in ‘Virola’

Unpropped, Plastikman, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Lorn
Unpropped, Plastikman, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Lorn

Image credit: Chiara Bellamoli

Spain-born producer Unpropped is a relatively new name on the scene. What stands out is a knack he seems to possess for making sinister-sounding music. Not in a negative sense, but in the sense that his work is thrilling and edgy. He is seemingly unafraid to venture into unknown territory, where sounds serve as brushstrokes on a multi-layered canvas made from a texture you can run your finger across.

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Both his previously released single, ‘Nousle’ (which we covered), and his new one prove this knack: ‘Virola’ is a war-like piece full of conflict and dust. Without fear, its maker has created bold tensions, never resolving quite them. Instead, he leaves listeners feeling unresolved, disquieted, and moved in the haunted sense, or at least we felt that way. Will his debut EP, Acausality (releasing on the 30th of June), continue this theme?

Unpropped tells us how the track was made: “There was a lot of resampling involved in the production of Virola, which is actually the merge of two different ideas that I had projected for separate tracks. The initial part was created with an Elektron Digitone, and it is also comprised of two totally independent lines. I was very surprised when I noticed how well both of them fit when I began to work on the transition from one to the other.”

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