Premiere: PCM illuminate on serene ambient LP ‘Dreamland’

Credit: Mike Cadoo

PCM has announced their third album with Dreamland, set to shine on September 15th. Based in Milan, Italy,  the ambient trio consists of Francesco Perra (P), Matteo Cantaluppi (C), and Matteo Milea (M). The union of these three musicians creates a fusion of styles and influences that move differently but are complementary within the electronic ambient genre. Following Attraverso and Macro, Dreamland is PCM‘s newest album, in which the trio shifted their attention to thematically focus on the kaleidoscopic world of dreams. The album was conceptually conceived to be the soundtrack for the different stages of sleep that humans experience every day.

Musically, it evokes a real Blade Runner atmosphere, as the trio uses a plethora of synths, effects and drawn out soundscapes to create a heavily sedated ambient mood. Touching on topics such as the REM Sleep Phase, Astral Projection and even alarm clocks, the album is heavily experimental and cinematic at its core, with an overarching concept at play that the trio have truly nailed. From the peaceful ambiance of ‘REM Phase‘, to the dissonant and drawn out floating of ‘Coma‘, or even the hypnotic repetition of ‘Crystal Hypgnosis‘, the trio successfully illustrates the various aspects of sleep through sound and mood. ‘Nightmare Alley‘, for example, is harsh, scary, and dissonant , while ‘Dreamland‘ is lush, peaceful and serene. It’s a beautiful record, one thats sure to be left to play uninterrupted by all who listen.

Dreamland will be out on September 15th on limited edition transparent yellow vinyl and streaming worldwide.

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