Experimental musician Hari Sima set to unveil new album

Brian Eno, Steve Roach, Hari Sima
Brian Eno, Steve Roach, Hari Sima

Artwork: Lola Bonet

Hari Sima is the experimental solo alias of Valencia-based artist Paco León. Drawing a distinction with the psychedelic navigations and krautrock accented impetus of his work as part of Güiro Meets Russia & Astropáramo, Hari Sima represents an outlet for introspective ambient works. 

Trailing the project’s 2020 debut album ‘Fluido Tempo’ (Abstracke Records), Hari Sima’s new album ‘Solo en Occidente’ captures a cerebral response to the isolation and exile of lockdown life, and the uncertainty of the ensuing period. Assembling a palette of sumptuous melodic sequences, intricate modular synth emissions, and hypnotic fourth world percussion, Hari Sima creates a sleek, mysterious sense of oasis on ‘Solo en Occidente’

Inspired by the everyday reality of León’s rural existence, these compositions mirror the solace and sanctuary that such a secluded environment can provide. With each track on the record León invokes an equivalent form of refuge. On ‘Solo en Occidente’ Hari Sima guides the listener on an immaculate, engrossing odyssey, leading the way to a momentary escape hatch. 

‘Solo en Occidente’ is out 1st April via Objetos Perdidos.

Available on Limited Edition Vinyl & Digital Formats.


1 | A1 – Fontanar (4:40)

2 | A2 – Del Barranco al Río (4:08)

3 | A3 – Sumatra (5:40)

4 | A4 – Petricor (6:34)

5 | B1 – Cuando Sonaban las Caracolas (5:22)

6 | B2 – Envuelto en Celulosa (4:51)

7 | B3 – Desarraigo (5:16) 

8 | B4 – En la Azud (4:40)

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