Unpropped’s new song ‘Nousle’ is an omen

Unpropped, Plastikman, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Lorn
Unpropped, Plastikman, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Lorn

Image credit: Chiara Bellamoli

Despite what experimental music producer Unpropped’s forthcoming EP title suggests, nothing is random, especially not his latest offering, a dark and primal single named ‘Nousle’. Being the first single shared from his pending debut project, Acausality, the carefully-produced track (shown by its complex arrangement)  shines a light on what we might expect from the EP’s sonic aesthetic: ominous, tactile, forceful. 

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When asked to describe the single, he said, “my goal with this track was to score a balance between the warmth of a textured, gentle bassline and the coldness of a rather straightforward beat, always driven by the mysterious sample that runs through the whole song. ‘Nousle’ drives you through different stages and atmospheres in an organic way without losing its essence, which I appreciate most.”

Unpropped is a studied music producer who attended the Longevity Music School in Strasbourg, France. The Spaniard was recently featured in the tastemaker publication CLASH Magazine, helping to get the name of this budding act out into the world.

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