Composers Psycho & Plastic share piano infused song

Brian Eno, Ólafur Arnalds, Psycho & Plastic, Nils Frahm
Brian Eno, Ólafur Arnalds, Psycho & Plastic, Nils Frahm

      Image credit: Christoph Neumann with Sascha Boldt                                

Just like a misty winter’s day, the latest release from Psycho & Plastic titled ‘Fragile Targets’ sends a chill down your spine with its haunting beauty. The soft piano notes paired with a sombre melody make one feel like the tormented and beautiful protagonist of a drama scene. 

Stream/ download: ‘Fragile Targets’

The  title and theme become clear even without lyrics as the duo tells a story of loss, heartbreak and the fragility of life and its fleeting joy. The single, released via GiveUsYourGOLD perfectly encapsulates the feeling of having your life and memories slip between your fingers. Like sands through the hourglass, each note is perfectly timed and falls perfectly into the next one. This is truly one of those songs that draw one in and take you to a time and place of memories past. Psycho & Plastic have mastered the craft of bottling the essence and feeling of nostalgia with no words necessary. 

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The pair elaborates on the concept behind the single: “Life is very precious and only a thin line separates us from death. We don’t always notice it but it’s there, everyday. ‘Fragile Targets’ laments the frailty of our existence, acknowledging this truth. The track is our way of coming to terms with our own vulnerability by finding dignity and love in it.”

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