Psycho & Plastic share emotionally rich ambient song

Brian Eno, Ólafur Arnalds, Psycho & Plastic, Nils Frahm
Brian Eno, Ólafur Arnalds, Psycho & Plastic, Nils Frahm

       Image credit: Christoph Neumann with Sascha Boldt

Ambient and surprisingly soothing despite many elements incorporated in it, Psycho & Plastic have shared their latest single ‘Back And Forth’. The song dwells on the consequences of your decisions and feeling like you are stuck in choosing the right path. Released via GiveUsYour Gold today, the track is set to feature on the duo’s upcoming LP.

Stream/ download: ‘Back And Forth’

Psycho & Plastic have been creating music together for over a decade, and elaborate on the emotional elements and creative learning curve that inspired this new single:  “We wrote Back And Forth to reflect the delicate dance of conflicting interest in the face of severe crisis. Despite sounding deceptively light and effortless, composing this piece was actually quite the challenge for us. We had to send it back and forth between our two studios many times to refine the statement.”

 ‘Back And Forth’ features on

Producing a beautifully haunting and conflicted atmosphere with a refined outcome, ‘Back And Forth’ is an elegant emotional rollercoaster with rich and somber notes. The duo explore life’s big questions without words but rather the actual instrumentation that evokes the emotions they are trying to express.

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