Soulful singer Phoenix Rein shares a dazzling debut, ‘Spinning Around’

Emerging Jamaican-Canadian singer Phoenix Rein unleashed her vibrant debut single ‘Spinning Around’ on June 28, 2024 via Knuckle House Music Production. Born in Jamaica into a family of musicians, Phoenix Rein began her musical journey at a young age, dedicating years to refining her vocal skills and performing with local bands. Today, she stands as a seasoned performer, ready to charm audiences with her distinct blend of jazz, blues, and soul. Her ability to captivate listeners, whether through covers or original compositions, distinguishes her in the music industry. 

Throughout her career, Phoenix has earned numerous awards for songwriting and performances, and has been featured in various publications. She has also graced prestigious stages at events and festivals, solidifying her reputation as a formidable talent. Legendary Disco producer and singer Frank Farian, known for the creation of star acts Boney M and Milli Vanilli, had envisioned collaborating with Phoenix Rein, impressed by her musical talent and depth he heard in her demos. Despite his unexpected passing on January 23rd, 2024, his admiration for Phoenix Rein’s artistry and desire to collaborate serve as a touching testament to music’s enduring power to unite and inspire.

‘Spinning Around’ merges the timeless feel-good dynamism of Disco instrumentation with the crisp, modernity of Pop production and vocals. Produced by the acclaimed duo Dank and Cybin, renowned for their series of chart-toppers, this debut showcases Phoenix Rein’s versatile vocal range and the producers’ talent for creating infectious melodies. With a track record of launching successful recording artists, Dank and Cybin have crafted a standout song poised to make waves globally. Lush strings usher in Phoenix’s soulful vocals before the listener is swept away by an exhilarating four-on-the-floor groove, taking them on a dizzying journey of newfound love.

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