daniel aron x babapiros x HALOSARA Drop Melodic Single ‘Heaven Sent’

daniel aron x babapiros x HALOSARA released their new single ‘Heaven Sent’ on June 28, 2024, via Théque Records, marking their debut collaboration in ‘pseudo-gospel’ music. The track premiered on EARMILK, highlighting their diverse musical backgrounds and talents. daniel aron blends jazz, hip hop, and beats, while babapiros (Geri Háló) contributes dynamic drumming from Mongooz and the Magnet. HALOSARA (Sára Háló) adds her acclaimed vocals and keyboard skills. With more music in progress and live shows planned, their partnership promises an exciting journey ahead.

‘Heaven Sent’ begins with tender guitar licks and HALOSARA‘s ethereal vocals. As the track unfolds, a deep, gooey bassline joins in with a sultry backbeat, creating a groove that underpins the passionate gospel harmonies. daniel aron‘s masterful horns and brass add warmth and richness, blending seamlessly to craft a soulful and emotionally resonant composition. Together, these elements create a gorgeously intricate musical tapestry that showcases the musicians’ technical prowess and their ability to evoke deep emotion through their music.

In the words of babapiros:“The song basically started from the riff you hear in the chorus played by the guitar and the brass section. Funny story, I came up with that thing years back as a live outro sort of thing for O’SULLIVAN’s ‘Dig Gold’ that never actually made the album recording. But it always felt like we could build a song around that. I like the idea that we shared a similar christian upbringing with Sára (HALOSARA) and Dani (Daniel Aron). Even though ‘Heaven Sent’ is not a worship song in the traditional sense, it does feel like one to me.”

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