Motion Colors mesmerizes with a new single, ‘Totality’

Musician/artist/director Motion Colors shared a stunning new single, ‘Totality’, on 26 April 2024 via Motion Waves Music. The track is lifted off his three-track album, Genesis, available to stream on all platforms.

Motion Colors is an innovative art endeavor poised to propel electronic music and visuals into uncharted realms. With over 18 years of dedicated exploration across diverse creative mediums, Motion Colors is driven by a forward-looking vision. The aim is to not only advance electronic music, but also to venture into the realms of cinema and directing, forging new paths at the intersection of sound and vision.

‘Totality’ is a stunning ambient track that transports the listener to faraway realms. Moving between tranquil passages awash with soothing synths and glittering pads and periods of invigorating, grittier sawtooth swells painting a sonic picture of outer space, the song takes the listener on an unforgettable journey.

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