Occult Hardware deliver dreamy, dark trap grit in new single, ‘Capstone’

London-based alt trap duo Occult Hardware unveiled their latest single, ‘Capstone’, on March 8th, 2024. The track was produced by BRNSRGHT, whose songs blend deep bass, spooky beats, and electronic elements, creating a mix of euphoria and nostalgia. The Lithuanian producer is critically-acclaimed as the musical director of the Olivier Award-winning stage production Traplord. Occult Hardware, comprised of Fayann Smith and Robert Burnham (of sister band The Naked Grace Missionaries), have had their confrontational, experimental projects featured in US/Japanese/Swedish Vogue, The Sunday Times, BBC Television, Dazed, i-D and many more respected titles. Playing across the globe, the duo have graced the hallowed stage at Glastonbury twice and performed alongside iconic acts such as The Libertines, Clor, Midnight Juggernauts, The Noisettes, Crim3s, and many more.

With BRNSRGHT’s gritty trap beats, hauntingly dark production and the pair’s introspective, ethereal ambiance and lyrics, ‘Capstone’ is a track ready for a moody setting, be it a hazy film sequence or a late night drive. Thematically, the single explores the prevalent feelings of isolation and turmoil in the contemporary world. It’s a track centered on personal independence, resilience, and tentative hope amid challenges. Occult Hardware strives to serve as a soundtrack for the evolving future, providing a glimmer of hope amidst the chaos of our digital age.

The duo shared: “We wanted to create music that resonates with the feelings unleashed by this strange moment in history. Our sound walks the line between extreme light and darkness, embracing the dichotomy and acknowledging it.”

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