Listen to Jasper Sommer’s mesmerising masterpiece, ‘Memento’

Credit: John D. Kemp

The ingeniously innovative Jasper Sommer dropped his latest EP, Memento, on January 26, 2024, through EFG Records Oy. This 7-track project follows the 2023 release of the titular single and two preceding singles, ‘We Could Rule The World’ and ‘Do You Love Me Now?’. The accomplished English musician, record producer, and singer-songwriter has garnered attention from esteemed publications such as CLASH Magazine, COMPLEX UK, and Earmilk, with comparisons being drawn to renowned artists like Four Tet and James Blake. Furthermore, ‘We Could Rule The World’ has received endorsement from influential platforms like NOTION Magazine and Numéro Magazine, while NPR has featured the single ‘Memento’ on its radio broadcasts.

Memento takes listeners on a genre-defying sonic journey through Jasper’s reflective and glitch-infused dreamscapes. The EP commences with ‘We Could Rule The World,’ establishing an experimental ambiance with its trippy synth passages, mesmerizing breakdowns, and concluding with a delicate piano outro. The focus track, ‘Haunter,’ blends ominous synths and pads with a gritty trap beat. The eponymous track, ‘Memento,’ arguably the most catchy, features an infectious hook while preserving Jasper’s distinctive moody undertones. Jasper’s velvety, unhurried vocals explore themes of alienation, destiny, attachment, loneliness, and happiness. Memento stands as a triumphant testament to both his skillful production and heartfelt songwriting.

Jasper reflected: “Written, produced, mixed & mastered by myself, the mood of the EP is generally centered around my own struggles of depression and feelings of inadequacy, exploring moods from melancholy and struggle with moments of clarity, epiphanies and triumph. Some songs I started back in 2017, such as the opening and final songs. I never felt comfortable completing them until this year.”

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