Blanco Decazador unveils transportive track, ‘rw #2’

Credit: Lino Escuri

Spanish producer and composer Blanco Decazador (Iván Blanco Silva) has released a new track, ‘rw #2’, on 20th October 2023 via his label Blanco Decazador. A whopping fifteen minutes in length, ‘rw #2’ is the longest of four tracks released simultaneously as part of a collection called Reworks. 

This enigmatic sonic sorcerer creates complex soundscapes using a continuous collage-decollage technique, synthesizer sounds and acoustic instruments. The resulting sonic narrative is structurally reminiscent of cinematic soundtracks and classical music. 

‘rw #2’ is an oceanic expanse of sonic textures that build up and recede in ever-shifting layers. An amalgam of ambient drones, delicate synth sequences, dark electro-acoustic sounds and melancholic melodies, the track takes the listener on a sensory and emotional journey fit for an arthouse film. It is relentlessly hypnotic, pushing the boundaries of sound design while delivering a truly immersive listening experience.

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