Leonardo Barbadoro conducts robotic symphony with ‘Bomi’

Credit : Luca Nicolao

Leonardo Barbadoro (formerly Koolmorf Widesen) released his single ‘Bomi’ on the 22nd of September via Helical Records. ‘Bomi’ is the first release from the highly-anticipated Musica Automata, an album of orchestral music performed entirely by robots. The project and concept were launched in 2018 with a crowdfunding campaign, which received mainstream attention from publications such as Red Bull, Vice, RaiNews, and CNN Indonesia. The campaign successfully funded the full project, set to release on 3 November 2023. Barbadoro is an Italian musician, producer, engineer and composer based in Florence. 

‘Bomi’ is a distinctly experimental introduction to this ambitious project. Orchestral instruments, both conventional and unconventional, weave a tapestry rooted in acoustic sound sources that resonate in natural spaces. Programmed to perform without human touch, the music is carefully engineered to add subtle ‘human’ nuances to the robotic performance. The accompanying video showcases the sheer amount of musical and technological elements at play – each one meticulously programmed to create what will no doubt be a major step forward in what we understand about technology and sound.

Musica Automata represents a turning point in my compositional and instrumental research,” Barbadoro states. “It is music that brings together two dimensions often perceived as incompatible, even antithetical: the boundless expressive possibilities of electronics implemented by an acoustic instrumental body in a sensory reality, beating, vibrating, and blowing”.

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