Kinobe Over The Horizon LP Review

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Kinobe will be released their brand-new full-length album, ‘Over The Horizon’, on the 4th of August via the SGKL imprint. Founded in west London in 1998, the group currently consists of Julius Waters and Chuck Norman. Their sound could best be described as an Electronic blend of Downtempo, Chillout and Lounge. 

‘Over The Horizon’ is wrought with Jazzy undertones. Yet, it is distinctly Electronic at times. This fusion of organic and man-made sounds creates a euphony of enigmatic sonic textures. Reminiscent of artists such as Air, it’s impressively relaxing and interesting. The transition from track to track is effortless, and the washed-out, calm instrumentals share the same continuity throughout. It’s meditative, without getting too deep. Like a peaceful journey to the seaside. Listening to ‘Over The Horizon’ is truly a very relaxing experience. 

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‘Lost in Time’ is a particularly meditative track. Evoking images of sunsets and sunrises, it’s especially transcendental, sucking the listener in, and refusing to let go. The hypnotic synth arpeggio plays throughout, giving the track a sense of repetition and structure. The strings, woodwinds and drawn-out guitar sounds are lush and contemplative, and the mood never falters from its relaxing theme.

‘Falling Star’, one of 2 singles on the album, is more upbeat and emotional. The rhythm guitar holds down an impressive groove in time with the drums. Jazzy keys echo throughout, while a beautiful yet melancholic string progression anchors the main narrative of the track. In addition, there’s some lead guitar reinforcing the dreamy, melancholic tone. It feels relaxing, yet, brooding, like a longing for home or a lover you’ve yet to meet. 

The Rainbow’ is another particularly great track. It is exceptionally groovy, with an acoustic guitar for rhythm, sporadic synth keys, and Kinobe’s ever-present sustained guitar notes which give all of their tracks a sense of space. Throw in some spacey synth scales for a bit of analog flair, and you have a song that feels like a mixture of Jazz and Pink Floyd Psych Rock.

Overall, the LP is a stunning display of instrumentalism and arrangement. Each track has its place in the album. It’s one of those records you start and leave on till the end. It’s a journey without trying to be one. The songs and sounds are similar enough to give a sense of continuity, yet each track feels fresh and vibrant in its own way.

Kinobe had this to say “This album is a sonic representation of driving down the highways of my mind at sunrise towards Shangri-la, which is always hiding just over the horizon.”

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