Composer vaghy releases granum album, shares ‘vita’

vaghy, Philip Glass, Gabríel Ólafs, Òlafur Arnalds
vaghy, Philip Glass, Gabríel Ólafs, Òlafur Arnalds

Image credit: Norbert Pandur Balogh

From a seed to a tree, vaghy has raised his new album from the ground up, watering the germ until it grew into a full-sized project, available via Théque Records. Containing 9 modern classical tracks, granum, as it is named, is a conceptual work: the pianist composed it, from start to finish, in one sitting. But why did he do this? Why not just create the work over time, bit by bit?

Stream / Download: vaghy – granum

“The goal of the album was for the songs to be part of the whole,’ he said. “I saw a way to do this: if the album is recorded in one play. This happened. The disc was recorded on 05/23/2022 in one recording starting at 10:35. Preparing the album in my head and recording it required so much concentration. I couldn’t sit down to play the instrument for a month after.”

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The lead single ‘vita’ is a rather sad-sounding composition. Not in the sense that the work is bad, but rather it seems emotionally worn out, blue, even. Somewhat muffled, the piano notes convey their emotion in a way that makes them seem as though they are crying. Each motif is a bitter sob and every arpeggiated bass note, in sympathy, makes known its sombre understanding.

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