Audiovisual artist mïus’ new song has a life of its own

mïus, Jamie xx, Jon Hopkins, Ben Böhmer, Moderat
mïus, Jamie xx, Jon Hopkins, Ben Böhmer, Moderat

Image credit: Bence Szemerey

After the release of his single ‘Feather ft. Amme’, Hungarian music producer mïus has returned with another. Titled ‘Last Time Ft. Raf Skowroński’, the track is what you might expect from the producer: the unexpected. 

Stream / Download: mïus – ‘Last Time Ft. Raf Skowroński’

Like a drum circle, the record beats with the taps and hard-skin beats of mïus’ rhythmic approach. Constantly introducing new elements to the arrangement’s skeletal substructure, the track mutates and modulates beneath Raf Skowroński’s lamenting voice. It is a living organism of sorts.

We heard from the singer himself, who said, “Last Time is a song about deep and strong connection with other human beings. It’s about people who we often love but take for granted. Relationships that don’t last forever even though, in the moment, they feel like they do.”

Listen to ‘Last Time Ft. Raf Skowroński’. Out now via Théque Records.

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