The Beautiful Blū recruit talent for ‘One Final Day’

The Beautiful Blū
The Beautiful Blū

Artwork via publicist

Fresh to the scene, The Beautiful Blū have employed the help of numerous acts to give life to their politically-charged single ‘One Final Day’, which has been shared ahead of their unheard debut album iGenocide. But The Beautiful Blū did not pick just anyone to play on the record.

A string of prominent artists co-created the single, namely Arctic Monkeys’ touring guitarist Bill Ryder-Jones on vocals, two-time Juno Award-nominated musician Mark Kelso on the drums, David Baron, an artist who has worked with the likes of Lana Del Rey, on synths and levels, and lastly, Byron Isaacs, a singer with experience touring alongside The Lumineers, took care of the supporting vocals. 

Together, this musical force tackled the weighty task of addressing a challenging subject: “Our upcoming album “iGenocide” reflects the experience of interacting with survivors of such atrocities,” they said. “Not everyone came into the studio with the same exposure to the people who suffered through these events. Yet, we were able to bond as musicians around the music. In doing so, it served as a beautiful reminder that music emphasizes the qualities that bring people together, as opposed to pushing them apart.”

Listen to ‘One Final Day’ below:

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