Italian producer Sebra Cruz shares ‘Sunfish’, releases debut album

Sebra Cruz
Sebra Cruz

Image credit: Mattia Biagioli

Hot on the heels of his single ‘Margaret’ and, most recently, the release of his album’s title track, Italian producer Sebra Cruz has shared ‘Sunfish’, a track that introduces listeners to his debut album. The psychedelic project is out now via the Life & Death imprint.

Stream / Download: Sebra Cruz – ‘Don’t Worry Psy Happy’

His debut project, ‘Don’t Worry Psy Happy’, brushes up against the aesthetic qualities of ambient music, with its bleeps and blips. In fact, the project extends its reach to the experimental genre at points. It embodies many influences, for example, the featured record ‘AltreCose’ distils his Italian roots, specifically the qualities of the people he encountered in Naples as a resident DJ during the ‘90s.

Sebra Cruz tells us a bit about the project: “What emerges is in my opinion an album with predominantly Italian spirit, disco, house with both edgy and gentle influences. I never decide what to do first, I simply follow my spur of the moment instinct. Releasing an album for Life & Death is cool because I’ve always had huge respect for Manfredi.”

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