WMD diarises hardship in new album

WMD For Fans of: Alaskan Tapes, Yoste, Slow Meadow
WMD For Fans of: Alaskan Tapes, Yoste, Slow Meadow

Image credit: Michael Erickson

Deliquesce is the name of a new project we are featuring here today. The 10-track project is the creative product of the American musician WMD, an artist who feels deeply and uses music as it was intended: to make these known, giving listeners an opportunity to connect with him at the heart of things. The project is a work of a man pressured by his solitude, of a person looking for a way to express his emotions during a time of struggle and pain. 

Stream / Download: WMD – Deliquesce LP

An act of catharsis, producing allowed the artists to document the mounting existential crises, and then share it with others like him, which, in a sense, is all of humanity; we grapple with internal conflict, external battles, and general hardships. “The process followed me through some of the most emotionally desolate periods of my life. Having this project to return to after each one gave me a purpose and goal. In a way, the demos acted as a diary to navigate my struggles with identity, stability, happiness, and isolation in the three years I spent working on them,” he shared.

Listen to Deliquesce below, available now via Natural Blonde

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