Oregon-based producer Feverkin shares ‘Element & Moderate’

Feverkin, Òlafur Arnalds, Phaeleh, Nightmares On Wax
Feverkin, Òlafur Arnalds, Phaeleh, Nightmares On Wax

Image credit: Feverkin

Feverkin is an Oregon-based producer with a diverse range of influences. Amalgamating these into a flickering and flitting composition, he has created ‘Element & Moderate’. The record is taken from the forthcoming Cosmic Vibrations Vol. 4 Compilation, a project that will be released on the 26th of May under the Deep Heads imprint and will feature electronic artists like Nosaj Thing.

Stream / Download: Feverkin – ‘Element & Moderate’

Beat-driven, Feverkin toys with particles of percussions, motes of melody, and shards of shifting shimmers. A mixed bowl of sonic elements, ‘Element & Moderate’ has an almost Balearic quality to it, that is, a psychedelic dance groove with a definite flavour. A mellow piano guides the track along its course, interspersed with vocal fills and pockets of swung rhythms.

Seemingly with intention, the producer layered conceptual meaning into the fibres of the song. “‘Element & Moderate’ is about being at a crossroads and knowing the difference between which path you want to take and which path you need to take,” he said.

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