Chill musician Kisnou consoles with new song

Kisnou, Brian Eno, Lorn, Bonjr, and Øneheart
Kisnou, Brian Eno, Lorn, Bonjr, and Øneheart

Image credit: Vito Pepe

Producer Kisnou shared his latest single ‘The Last Memory of Me’ under Untold Stories Records on the 20th of January lifted from his upcoming 5-track EP The Untold Story Of The Rainmaker scheduled to be released on the 9th of June, also under Untold Stories Records. Italian Kisnou hails from Bari, Italy, and forged his musical sound by drawing his inspiration from the work of notable musicians in the likes of  Owsey and Sorrow among others. 

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‘The Last Memory of Me’ is a beautiful poetically sonic track that intrigues with its enchanting and thought-provoking lyricism that flows just as gently as the song. Speaking of both surrendering to fate in life and simultaneously clinging to present love, the lyrics ultimately elaborate on the power humans have to choose to either be a victim in life or be active participants in life, however minuscule those actions might be.     

Kisnou tells us about the creative progression of the new single: “‘The Last Memory of Me’ is the opening of my new storytelling EP ‘The Untold Story of the Rainmaker’, which can be labelled as an audio novel. In this first episode, the boy wakes up from a coma and finds a recording next to him (the first one out of five), left behind by the girl he used to love. Each message becomes the only way to follow her path and hopefully bring her back to reality”.

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