Emotive producer WMD offers a new calming song

WMD, Novo Amor, Tycho, and Firewoodisland
WMD, Novo Amor, Tycho, and Firewoodisland

Image credit: Michael Erickson

Electronic musician WMD shared his latest song ‘Yearn’ via Natural Blonde on the 9th of December. The heartwarming producer enjoys notable features from distinguished YouTube channels, notably Inspira and  Fluidified. WMD music is an exploration of the agonies and sadness of relationships fuelled by explosive emotions that are tainted by reminiscence.  

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The melody in ‘Yearn’ is like a song dedicated to an all-consuming life force. It is soothing and promotes tranquillity that is felt in every bone of the body. The gentle notes in the melody proceed effortlessly in a majestic march that conjures the image of loving words floating around the sky in a procession aimed at consoling the inhabitants of the earth. The track is incredibly beautiful and seems too short as it comes to the end.    

WMD sheds some light on the technical methods used for the making of ‘Yearn’: “The track is the result of combining over 70 different cassette and digital personal recordings and splicing them together with some added guitar and vocal overdubs”.

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