Electronic producer Bon-Psy unveils new EP Order

Bon-Psy, Brian Erno and Harold Budd
Bon-Psy, Brian Erno and Harold Budd

Image credit: Max Burton

Future electronic beats musician Bon-Psy offers his latest EP Order. Gianluca Cardinale, alias  Bon-Psy, is based in London, UK and currently works under the Folded Music imprint. The expressive and creative artist is a proficient bass player and guitarist who cites numerous influences on his music including jazz and glitch among many others. Gianluca boasts previous successes with the release of particularly, ‘Ikigai’, ‘Onyx’ and ‘Serene’.

Stream / Download: Bon-Psy – Order

Order sets the scene for an appreciation of drizzling and gentle electronic notes in melodious tracks that takes listeners on a journey, overflowing with nuanced sounds and exploration between mid-tempo beat and fast-tempo beats. With its beats and sound arrangement, the EP contains five tracks that transverse the boundaries of traditional song structure and expectation. ‘Rise’, the fifth and last track in the EP begins with raw acoustic-like guitar strings and then progresses to incorporate piano notes, electronic organs, electronic guitar, and a celebratory melody that is infectious.    

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