Musician Kasztan offers riveting single ‘Working Together’

Kasztan, Jamie XX, TSHA, Bonobo, Burial, and Jacques Greene
Kasztan, Jamie XX, TSHA, Bonobo, Burial, and Jacques Greene

Image credit: Marta Cygan

Passionate producer Kasztan released his new single ‘Working Together’ under Stemina Recordings on the 25th of November. The electronic musician enjoys several accolades, notably, signing a soundtrack for The Illusionists documentary among others.  Kasztan’s music is comparable to the sounds of Bonobo and Burial among others.

Stream / Download: Kasztan – ‘Working Together’

The single brings back my memories of the US of A movie Sister Act’s choirs sing-off where each choir attempted to outsing the other with more fervent singing and dedication to the hymn’s script. The joyful and vibrant vocals that are placed towards the end of the track are an impressive catalyst for a conclusion to a song titled ‘Working Together’. The vocalisation infuses the song with a message of hope and expectancy that is similar to a community rally or cooperation that has gathered for a good cause that will benefit the entire community.

Kasztan shares the creative origin of ‘Working Together’: “It’s hard not to flirt with Gospel at some point when you’re making Electronic music. It’s so uplifting! My parents used to listen to a lot of Afro-American music and especially Gospel when I was a kid. This track has a lot of obvious references and codes, but I hope I managed to add my little french touch to it”.

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