Producer Zeb Samuels fascinates with new single ‘Moth To Your Flame’

Zeb Samuels, Atticus Ross, Brian Eno, and Plaid
Zeb Samuels, Atticus Ross, Brian Eno, and Plaid

Image credit: Daniel Blenman

Under Deep Heads, label leader and producer Zeb Samuels released his brand-new single  ‘Moth To Your Flame’. The unorthodox producer is a self-educated pianist that has managed the releases for numerous works from the likes of Djrum, Escapism Refuge and Joe Armon-Jones among many as the head of Deep Heads.

Stream / Download: Zeb Samuels – ‘Moth To Your Flame’

The single’s sound has a quality that is akin to that area where reality and fantasy meet, where notes that mimic unnatural sounds are combined with natural animalistic noises. The reality is found in the chirps of an insect and the fantasy is perceived in the man-created machinist sounds that underlie the song toward the end of the track. As a result, the song is an expedition into the fusion of deliberate, man-created sounds and naturally occurring sounds. The natural sounds reverberate longer than the unnatural machine sounds. Consequently, the song has a shamanic quality.

Zeb Samuels elaborates on the subjective elements of ‘Moth To Your Flame’: “Like many of my recordings, the track was made without a clear intention of what we wanted to create, but resonates with the energy of meditative thought and chilled-out vibes that we were experiencing at the time”.

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