Zeb Samuels and Kiko Continentino’s song is an improv session

Zeb Samuels, Kiko Continentino, Zmeyev, Yussef Dayes, and Alfa Mist
Zeb Samuels, Kiko Continentino, Zmeyev, Yussef Dayes, and Alfa Mist

Image credit: Daniel Blenman

Musicians Zeb Samuels and Kiko Continentino have collaborated on a laidback single titled ‘About That Time’. Shared under the Deep Heads label, the track was built on a foundation of keys and is, in its entirety, a work of free expression.

Stream / Download: ‘About That Time’

Running his finger along the Rhodes, Kiko takes us in various directions, journeying beyond the boundaries of a predetermined structure. After his moment of artistic catharsis, he handed the composition to Zeb, who began where he left off, turning Kiko’s improvisation into an easy-listening track, bolstering the Jazz feel with touches of Lofi.

From glittering high notes to melodic low ends, ‘About That Time’ covers a vast range of frequencies, filling the spectrum. Sitting in the mid to upper mid-range, but never quite settling there, jazzy keys emote, shifting to the upper ranges, producing an overall sultry feel. They move without much force, beginning as chords only to shatter into individual notes.

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