Producer Himalia toys with oscillating sounds in ‘No One’

Himalia, Jamie xx, Burial, Four Tet
Himalia, Jamie xx, Burial, Four Tet

Image credit: David Hinman

With his new single ‘No One’, Manchester-based producer Himalia introduces listeners to a world of sharp percussions and staccato rhythms, breaking away from the fetters of a formula to evoke new sensations. Listening to the beat patterns, it comes as no surprise that the artist previously produced heavier genres, such as Drum and bass.

Stream / Download: Himalia – ‘No One’

We can liken his production style to the left-field approach of an artist like Burial; his record breaks apart and reforms time and time again. It’s as if he has created chaos just to order it into a flowing single, where chords and hi-hats collide.

Himalia is excited to be featuring his record on the artist and Deep Heads label head Zeb Samuel’s upcoming compilation, titled Cosmic Vibrations Vol.3. Speaking on the subject, he tells us, “having been a fan of Deep heads for some time now, my approach to this track had to a be a little different as I wanted to do myself and also the label, justice. I wanted to make something that had elements of my early influences like synkro, medschool, garagey type vibes but also retaining my sound and where I’m currently at with music.”

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