Musicians Robot Koch and collaborate on organic song

Adriatique, Rival Consoles, Robot Koch, Nosaj Thing,
Adriatique, Rival Consoles, Robot Koch, Nosaj Thing,

A divine collaboration, musicians Robot Koch and follow their artistic bliss and unveil their single ‘Migratory’. Just as the track title suggests, this release combines two experimental sounds together and the results are phenomenal.  

Stream/ download: Robot Koch and – ‘Migratory’

Both artists are lovers of organic production stylings,  this is a pure and refreshing example of talent recognizing each other. In an interview with The Playground (Read the full feature here), Robot Koch remarked on how these two collaborators met: I followed Tyler`s work on Instagram and found his approach really inspiring. We connected only online over a mutual love for sound design and textures, then met a while later in real life for a coffee when Tyler was in L.A.” Thanks to the positive advantages of social media, this dream collaboration for both talented artists was made a reality.

With intricate details created throughout this Trees and Cyborgs release, we still can enjoy its ethereal-Esque energy. A beautiful bond has been created between these highly skilled musicians, and we hope many more collaborations will follow in the near future. 

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 Robot Koch image credit: Neil Kryszak image credit: Whitney Browne

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