M422 expresses himself through new abstract album

M422, Ben Frost, and Coil
M422, Ben Frost, and Coil

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Darkness and the abstract have a surprising common ground, in that they both force the person who experiences them to create their own meaning. M422´s “Collage 2” is both dark and abstract. Giving the listener the perfect opportunity to explore whatever images, spaces or narratives might reveal themselves in the absence of more tangible information. Generally, M422’s sounds transport you to places you ordinarily wouldn’t want to visit. Which is exactly why they are so enjoyable to experience in the safety of wherever you are. The vulgar practice of comfortable discomfort.

The sound of M422 sits firmly in the space between cinematic and dark ambient, creating dark and cold environments comparable to Haxan Cloak, Ben Frost, Raime and Hildur Guðnadóttir. The kind of music most often made to accompany visuals, but which ends up creating worlds and stories on their own.

All the works on Collage 2 were created under the influence of books in the genres of cosmic horror and weird, and the worlds of the books have spilled on to the sounds. As the title indicates, all made with the approach of collage, weaving different environments in and out of each other to form new spaces.

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