Music producer Calcou provides adventurous EP

Calcou, Fejká, Janus Rasmussen and Rohne.

While we usually find ourselves focusing on the more laid back and atmospheric side of music, we’ve found ourselves drawn to Calcou and his recently released cheerful electronica EP, Places. Immediately standing out on the EP is the track ‘Far’ which, while light and rolling refrains from being overwhelming: it’s the cool light breeze on a summer’s day that provides respite from the heat.

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The Places EP also features the previously released singles, ‘Above’ (which quickly gained popularity with its dynamic rolling bassline), ‘Below’ (which is currently making itself quite popular on several Spotify playlists), and ‘Beyond’ (that manages to incorporate an element of nostalgic magic into the scene). While one might be tempted to to call the remaining tracks “interludes”, to do so would be an understatement. The shortest of the lot, ‘pl_23°’ would find itself at home on any ambient blog while the finale ‘pl_11°’ transfers cascading reverbs straight into the listener’s heart.

“This time I tried to explore space – musically, but also in a broader sense as a feeling of restriction. By leaving certain musical decisions to algorithms, I tried to overcome these restrictions with playfulness and randomness, acknowledging the fact that control seems like an illusion now more than ever. Most of the tracks feature field recordings from when I was travelling. I love to create music out of material that carries an emotional value to me, a memory that I can then modulate and turn into something new. That’s why “Places” also is about perspective – about how things look, feel and sound if you approach them from another angle.”Calcou gives us some insight into the creation of the EP.

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