Musician Liminka shares synth-infused downtempo song ‘Forgive’

Bonobo, Massive Attack, Liminka, Deep Heads,Portico Quartet
Bonobo, Massive Attack, Liminka, Deep Heads,Portico Quartet

Picking up from his recent song release ‘Where are you now’ via Deep Heads, music producer Liminka continues his healing path and journey with his latest track ‘Forgive’. Downtempo laden, the producer also incorporates synth elements and is less lo-fi focused this time around. It definitely sounds like there are more musical combinations Liminka has in the works, and we couldn’t be more ready to let our minds be wrapped up further with his inviting and warm production stylings. Previously sharing music under the alias Sidi, the musician felt that he wanted to explore his creativity without restrictions with this new moniker.

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Speaking about how his upcoming EP was conceptualized with Reverbs, the musician shared: “For my upcoming EP Hungerberg, there was a loose concept around it. I kind of wrote the music to accompany my headspace while getting to know a new city, where I moved to at the  beginning of last year. Hungerberg is the name of a wine mountain that is close to where I live. I thought it beautifully expressed the sense of longing and loneliness I felt during my first year in this new city. Making music was like having a safety net, giving me stability in uncertain times. I hope that shines through the music.”

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Channelling feelings of being lonely and afraid to start new, the producer is both a relatable human being and a detailed music producer. Until the official release of Liminka’s EP Hungerberg, we cannot picture the final result being anything short of breathtaking.

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