Neo-classical artist Olovson reveals hint of highly anticipated album

Olovson, Max Richter, Olafur ArnaldS, Nils Frahm and Johann Johannsson

     Image credit: Eliot Lee Hazel

Olovson’s beautifully elegant track ‘Labyrinter’ is a perfect preview to his upcoming debut solo album Storytelling as the way the piano tiptoes around your ears like a ballerina you’d think that keys are telling you a story. Jacob Olofsson is set to release his debut solo album Storytelling on the 18th of Feb. The album is set to take its listeners on a journey of neo-classicalism where they will be able to escape and just enjoy the music.

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We’ve been following the build to the album closely. You can read our previous features on the Gyroscope and Books Are Flying singles here.

“This is my first solo album and it is such a wonderful feeling to finally put it out. I have composed, played, lived and breathed these compositions for the past two years and it feels great to finally share them with everyone. I wish this album brings peace to people’s lives and ignites their imagination.” – The producer on the creation of the album. He further continues: “Labyrinter means Labyrinths in Swedish and is about looking ahead and not to be afraid to see what is around the next corner. Maybe you’ll find something you like.” – Jacob Olofsson

‘Labyrinter’ is a must-listen. The way in which Olovson plays the piano would make you feel as if you’re lost in a calming wonderland where peace may be found. The name ‘Labyrinter’ is the Swedish word for Labyrinth which is the perfect example of his album as it will be an entanglement you would not mind finding yourself in.

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