Experimental duo The Furniture unveil ‘Kontrail’ music video

The Furniture, God Is An Astronaut, Tim Hecker

Photo by Ebru Yildiz

Set to release their debut self-titled  LP this January via Spanish Prayers, Michael Kuhl, and Matthew Pierce a.k.a The Furniture have unveiled experimental gem ‘Kontrail’. Letting their guard down and letting their creativity spark, the duo create a mellow and genre non confirming listening experience. A mix of synthesizer notes, ambient tones, and free electronics is comforting and liberating to the artistic mind looking to break away from the mundane traffic of popular hooks. Freeform and not settling to conform to particular energy, we are left in awe and look forward to seeing what this promising duo have up their sleeves in the weeks to follow. Until then, we are mesmerized by the ominous animated video that accompanies the release of their latest track.

“Making a record free form can be a little risky. It’s not guaranteed that the creative forces that are summoned will show up,” say the duo. “But when they do, it can be one of the most fulfilling aspects of recording, in the way that each time you go back and listen, it can take you to a place or an emotion yet to be discovered.”

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