Vaas: Insanity (Original Game Soundtrack) sets the tone for Far Cry’s most iconic villian

Will Bates, Ubisoft, Vaas:Insanity, Aphex Twin, Lorn, Akira Yamaoka with elements of Tangerine Dream.

Game distributor Ubisoft is making waves in the music world. Their latest release Far Cry® 6 Vaas: Insanity (Original Game Soundtrack) is a soundtrack that’s sure to appeal to both gamers and non-gamers alike. 

Scored by Will Bates (award-winning composer and producer, known for scoring music for several of Netflix’s series including the Golden Globe and Emmy-nominated series Unbelievable, the George R.R. Martin series Nightflyers and Away) the soundtrack consists of 17 songs, well-suited to a game centred around one of Far Cry’s most iconic villains.

Speaking of the LP, Will Bates tells us: “I loved getting into the twisted mind of this character, uncovering his darkest secrets and obsessions allowed me to pick from so many musical colours. I found myself writing rich musical passages and then taking a sledgehammer to them to build these sonic landscapes for the game. I love to experiment with unusual sounds so this was such a fun project, and working with the Ubisoft team is always a pleasure.”

With a chilling atmosphere and ominous undertones, the music guides the player into Vaas’s psyche as the character becomes stronger.  Birthright is a pacey track, defined by the same grandiloquent choral soundscape as the Far Cry 3 theme. However, dark underlying elements signal that all is not well, creating an unsettling cerebral atmosphere. 

The producer further elaborates on the focus song, “My track ‘Birthright’ is a nod to the Far Cry 3 theme, using the recognizable choral elements but giving it a more frenetic and twisted edge. I wanted to convey that Vaas is no longer in control.”

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