Composer Memory Scale shares new electronica album

Agoria, Rone, Memory Scale
Agoria, Rone, Memory Scale

Memory Scale is the project of Arnaud Castagné, from Bordeaux, France. Memory Scale is a cinematographic universe based on sound textures and synthetic melodies, mixing electronica and ambient to create a hybrid and contemplative pop.

I created this musical project in 2018 with the idea of bringing together my experiences, my memories, my encounters and to feed my compositions. In addition to reorganizing my ideas, I have also reorganized my creative space by orienting myself towards tools and instruments that also represent my feelings.”

“And I’m talking about my studio because it’s a central part of this album. This is where I went regularly for 3 years, once a week, to have a special time, time for exploration and introspection. The rules were not to think about the composition, on the contrary. Focusing on a single instrument, experimenting with different recording processes (even absurd, utopian, aberrant), using the cassettes of my recordings as a child, immersing myself in a modular synthesizer patch, developing a plugin, trying to play the guitar,…Each session was an opportunity to discover things, to be amazed at the result of my trial and error, to let oneself be lulled by infinite sound loops. And record. All. All the time.”

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