Deep-house producer Lycoriscoris releases hypnotic new LP Chiyu.

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Japanese deep-house producer Lycoriscoris has released his hypnotic new LP Chiyu. 

Born and based in Japan, Yunosuke Senoo extends his creativity to photography, where he often makes excursions to the countryside to capture the natural world.

It’s fitting then that the Chiyu LP features organic elements of both extreme beauty and deep storm-like brutality that will demolish your musical illusions. Lycoriscoris seems to have a knack for both deconstructing and rebuilding within his work, creating laid-back, interesting soundscapes of sheer brilliance. 

Speaking of the LP, Lycoriscoris tells us: “To be honest, I don’t want to give away the image of the song by the title, but the meaning of the title of this album is “recovery” or “healing” in Japanese. For some problems in life, we will eventually recover, but it’s not easy. I wanted to portray that process. I chose Japanese as the title because it is the language I am most familiar with. I think I’m implicitly seeking sympathy, so if I can “recover” with this album, I think it will have the same effect if someone sympathizes with me.

Image credit: Yunosuke Senoo

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