Composer Kazumichi Komatsu shares music video for album song ‘Orca’

Boris, Tim Hecker, Kazumichi Komatsu
Boris, Tim Hecker, Kazumichi Komatsu

Image credit: Kazumichi Komatsu

Emboss Star is the new album by Kochi-born, Kyoto-based artist Kazumichi Komatsu, the first to be released under his own name following a prolific run of material as Madegg.

Informed by a range of earlier work including EPs, installation works, video works, as well as live appearances at fashion shows, parties & raves, the material collected on ‘Emboss Star’ has been prepared and refined over the past four years, its final collation described as like arranging the pieces on a chess board; every piece strategically placed.

In its entirety ‘Emboss Star’ is intended to emphasize the fundamental aspects of sound, and its relation to the material processes of playback; the grain of a rough recording, the jump and skip of a needle, the backwards gargle of a rewind. Individual parts shift suddenly, mirroring the abrupt transitions of everyday life. In this Komatsu attempts to reconfigure our response to sound, and the associations it often evokes; to reconsider the exchange of information and image, to alter perceptions.

Inviting a state of subconscious reverie – a mood often linked with ambient music but rarely matched as it is here – Komatsu adds an element of resistance to ‘Emboss Star’, as if depicting the tranquility of a dream, as well as its inevitable disturbance.

With creativity now compressed into a form of contemporary communication often ruled by vanity, redundant hashtags and tiresome jargon, Komatsu navigates the noise, recognizing technological ennui yet finding beauty, folklore & imaginative possibility.

‘Emboss Star’ is a collection of folk songs for lost connections. A vivid form of refuge.

The artwork for ‘Emboss Star’ depicts an object created by Kazumichi Komatsu using 3D printing. 

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