Production Quartet Jet-G release ‘Give Me Air’

Bjork, Portishead, Aphex Twin, Jet-G
Bjork, Portishead, Aphex Twin, Jet-G

London’s latest offering, Jet-G have released their sophomore single, ‘Give Me Air’ via Future London. Pairing modern production with classical style, the quartet is composed of 4 artists established in their own right – Jolliffe, female vocalist ECKOES, Modestep’s founding member Tony Terror and GENTRY.

Stream/ download: ‘Give Me Air’

The track came to life seemingly of its own accord, taking shape during an impromptu recording session during the lockdown. ECKOES explains:

We were in a small studio in London Fields during the covid lockdown. Rob (GENTRY) was playing about on the grand piano at the end of a writing session & we just started recording. The guys began to produce as they went & I could hear a melody & lyrics almost immediately. The songs were kind of accidental, but within a few hours, the bones of two singles had been recorded.” 

The covid lockdown certainly presented us with many artistic endeavors, and ‘Give Me Air’ is another example of positivity having emerged from the chaos. The track bears testament to the power of collaboration and is a melting pot of each individual member’s strengths. 

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