Drone musicians Equations Collective announce debut release

Tim hecker, Loscil, Equations Collective, 99Chants
Tim hecker, Loscil, Equations Collective, 99Chants

Image by: Nick Lapien

Multi-disciplinary artist group the Equations Collective ft Artefakt, Aroma Pitch, Aphelion, Sphera De Noumenon & more unveil unique, conceptual debut Helicon Sessions An expansive suite of abstract electronics combining drone, dub, techno & acid – recorded at an outdoor, solar powered studio on Mount Helicon, a mythic mountain region in Greece. The first track ‘Cut 3.4’ – was unveiled on the 30th July. Helicon Sessions is set for official release on the 27th of August via 99CHANTS. 

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The Equations Collective is a group formed of multi-disciplinary artists, active in the fields of music, photography, sound design & software development.

In 2018, the collective set up a temporary outdoor recording studio, 1130 meters above sea level, on the slopes of Mount Helicon in Greece, with the ambition of recording their work in a natural environment. A ‘mobile and modular’ construction, fully powered by solar panels, the design of the studio showcases the possibilities of a progressive, environmentally sustainable future through renewable energy.

Embodying ecological incentives, and representing an immersive engagement with the landscape, the ‘Helicon Sessions’ document this extraordinary residency, capturing a profound dialogue with the eponymous mountain region.

Situated in Boeotia, Central Greece, Mount Helicon has a prominent archaic significance. A historic location where stories of sacred springs and the epic origins of the Muses and Narcissus converge. Steeped in the heritage of ancient narratives, Helicon is seen as a principal symbol of poetic inspiration.

On the ‘Helicon Sessions’ the collective draw upon the inspiring topography and fabled mythological resonances of the area, unfurling an expansive, hypnotic suite of abstract electronics. Liberated by an open-ended, improvisational dynamic, the collective move through a mysterious, elemental cycle that mirrors the imposing scale and dramatic atmospheres of the setting.

Across an entrancing, fluid sequence of five designated ‘cuts’, the collective traverse the borderlands of drone, techno, dub, and acid, amplifying the acoustic traces of Helicon by integrating field recordings collected at the site into this arresting body of work. With these recordings, the collective delineate an odyssey of subverted 303s, sputtering drum machines and formidable, oscillating low end that drifts and coalesces like an amorphous mirage; a spellbinding sound world of clarity and shadow.

The ‘Helicon Sessions’ signify a symbiosis between the terrestrial and the engineered, between wildlife and futurism, between the intrinsic and the synthetic, between the innate and the manmade. With their conception of a portable, eco-friendly studio The Equations Collective focalize valuable ideas centred on ingenuity and evolution. The outcome of this project illustrates a unique collaborative exchange which acknowledges the deep nuances of environment and the enduring echoes of history.

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