Ambient producer D.K. & record label Abstrakce Records announce vinyl release

Moby, Autechre, D.K., Autechre
Moby, Autechre, D.K., Autechre

‘Eighteen Movements’ is a collection of recordings captured at live performances between 2017 – 2019, now brought to vinyl for the first time by Valencia-based label Abstrakce Records.

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On a meditative outing of rich textures, ambient soundscapes, tribal rhythms, field recordings, and ritualistic atmospheres, Parisian artist D.K. is engaged in full flight mode, illustrating the project’s aptitude for deep transcendence.

From the outset, D.K. heads for remote zones of oscillation and reverie. Prismatic tones exchange space with devotional drums on Clarity’ and Echo Chamber’, as D.K. hits a hypnotic stride somewhere between Jon Hassell, HTRK & a Folkways percussion ensemble.

With Full Consciousness’ meditation bells ring out across a progression of gleaming new age emanations, conjuring an entrancing spell. Movements of pulse and ether.

On ‘Mirror’, sonorous, elaborate percussive phrases are interwoven with drifting ambient vapours, while ‘The Other Side’ veers into broad, rolling blasts of dub and Antipodean drone, a cavernous trance evoking the early roots of Ras Michael and Yabby You, pared back to resolute drum sequences and infused with esoteric chimes and sultry synthesis.

The finale of ‘Eighteen Movements’ represents one of D.K.’s most ambitious recordings. Awakening’ is an epic tone poem of aqueous, outer planetary resonance that completes this mercurial cycle with a poignant, euphoric fadeout.

Chronicled in the moment, alternating between rhythm and repose, momentum and aviation, ‘Eighteen Movements’ sees D.K. voyaging further, into vast outskirts of sound. A collection of movements for heightened states and new diversions.

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