Renowned composer Mattia Cupelli releases nymph inspired song ‘EGERIA’

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You will find her lurking for her next victim at the water’s edge. She is seductive and convincing. You are mesmerized by her undeniable charm as she pulls you deep down into the water. A song that calls to mind the feelings of dangerous beauty that will have you falling head over heels in love with, would be composer Mattia Cupelli’s latest song ‘EGERIA’ which is inspired by the Roman nymph goddess of the same name.

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The renowned composer left a chill down our spine recently with his song ‘MONOLITH’ and it’s accompanying music video that gave us further goosebumps. The imagery of Roman champions of our past flash before our eyes in the video as we are reminded of their stories. Mattia is inspired by history and the humanity that existed before our time, along with this he is also mesmerized by the wonder that is time. How can time pass through so quickly, and how can the mind forget about important details of the past? 

‘EGERIA’ will feature on the prolific producer’s upcoming album release in July titled RUINS via MC Records. I am sure whichever track to be unveiled next will carry the same element of history and suspense as the past two releases have. Mattia Cupelli is a master of creating suspenseful soundwaves, calling to mind the likes of Forest Swords and Ben Frost.

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