Composer Ishmael Cormack releases strictly ambient album

FFO: Steve Roach, Nils Frahm, Ishmael Cormack

Ishmael Cormack is a British sound artist living in rural Somerset. His work focuses on gathering and weaving found sound with acoustics. His use of electro-acoustics creates a delicate atmosphere, immersing the listener in a web of sound that subtly shifts and scatters. He uses tape loops and polyrhythms to create a sound which reflects the cyclical nature of the natural world in the constraints of man-devised time. Ishmael is a gentle soul and all of his works are little gems of pureness and minimalism. 

About the album he says: “This work is the result of my interest in Glet Masa’s artwork & my obsession with the word Fennec. It’s a simple work, in which I have tried to honour little moments.” 

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