Adventure awaits in the world of Douran’s electronica masterpiece

Hans Zimmer, Moderat and Rone.

Within the depths of cinematic music, a producer finds movement in their soul. At this point of stirring, a spark of adventure awaits, biding its time until it’s eagerly fanned by the adventurous spirit. Douran’s latest release, ‘Inertia’ (shared today via Allo Floride Records) is both the spark and the fan, creating a burning desire for exploration and discovery. 

Stream/Download ‘Inertia’ Single

We’ve been told the single is but a small hint of what to come, with a full EP expected to be released in spring, by the name of Avalanche. And from that one spark, the producer was able to inspire them all, new and old fans alike, and in the darkness bind them in breathless anticipation for the release.

“While creating Inertia I intended to start with a structure and a fairly club type of beat, with organic sounds (marimba, flutes, violins, trombones, voices). In addition, the idea was to tweak these organic sounds as the song evolves so they get a more and more electronic feel so that the song ends on an electronic-orchestral grand finale.” Douran reveals the more technical side of the single. 

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