Renowned classical music composer Sira Garcias releases new album

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13 years in the making, Sira Garcias’ album, The Tree of Life and the Strength of Moving On, Pt.2, is a musical statement which aims to help listeners meditate and relax, something which ties in perfectly with her other life as a practitioner of alternative medicine. Originally conceived as music for her patients to listen to in her clinic, it became apparent that many more people could experience the same tranquillity and peace wherever they are and the results are both mesmerising and transcendental.

Originally from Barcelona but moving to London when she was 20, Sira Garcias originally studied Diplomacy and International Relations but soon realised her passions lay elsewhere and decided to follow her path into Alternative Therapy and Music.

“I had already strong spiritual connection since I was a child… I loved to sing and write poetry.”

Studying both Reiki and Chinese Medicine, Sira came to appreciate that meditation, relaxation and spirituality went hand-in-hand with music and looked to create music for the clinic in which she worked which would best create exactly the right kind of environment for her patients. Her latest album, The Tree of Life and the Strength of Moving On, Pt.2, continues to build on the instrumental soundscapes of the first with tracks like Corruption adding her own honeyed vocals to the mix, whilst on China Town, she looks to capture the essence and the atmosphere of the area in which she spent time working. Her album allows listeners to not only enjoy the music but to use as part of their own self-therapy.

I don´t care about superficial smiles, I care about happiness. I don´t care about material fame, I care about spiritual matters. I don´t care about those who try to create an artist with an empty heart, I care about lineage and pure talented artists with strong goals. I don´t care about robots, I care about dreamers… If I have the chance to change something for good, I will put all my positive energy into it.”

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