Music producer Nikita Zabelin announces a new debut album ‘Rhizome’

Rhizome is Nikita Zabelin’s first solo album release and coincidentally his most ambitious work yet. The attempt to musically grasp and visualize the unseizable: The invisible and absolute absence of the self. ‘Emptiness’.
Complex generative patterns and brute abstract melodies paint brittle contours around harrowing empty spaces with such confident strokes, capturing the listenerʼs attention in every moment. Nikita’s unusual, impulsive yet gloriously catchy arrangements combine deconstructed IDM and minimalistic ambient sounds. They seem to be intentionally negating lead melodies and classic compositional structures, putting the focus on the unheard and hidden. It’s a vast uprising of the concealed. An unconventional effort to put the listener at the centre of attention, rather than to enforce a suppressive narrative onto them. With Rhizome, Nikita Zabelin creates infinite spaces for the audience.
Imagine a labyrinth that connects many rooms. You donʼt know what expects you in each of them. Your joy is here, your fears are here, the ten-year younger you is here too. In Rhizome, each track is an empty room that only an individual listener can fill with their view and personal perception. A void that comes to life when you start walking through it, not afraid to be imaginative, honest, or even deconstructive. An open fluid space for the listener that becomes anything they want.
Born and raised in the central part of the Urals, Nikita’s life has been shaped by the endless expanse of unpopulated landscapes and the harsh daily grind of a steel industrial urban city. Music became the embodiment of a future that offered space for the unheard and unsighted in a world full of restrictions.
Rhizome is the offering of an entire decadeʼs worth of work. Melting together in an inclusive conceptual piece of art that is the product of an intense collaborative journey between Nikita Zabelin, Berlin-based designer Ksti Hu’s bold and experimental artworks and the Moscow sculpturist Helen Fabulousbeastsʼs handcrafted works. It arguably showcases one of the most exciting eastern experimental electronic artists of our time.

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