Elephant House is set to release new album ‘chollima’

Chollima is the second album from London-based Sino-Greek psychedelic drone ensemble Elephant House. It is due to be released by Adaadat on October 12th. The record showcases Shenggy Shen’s beguiling percussion and Christos Fanaras’s esoteric synthesiser sounds.

Shenggy Shen is the former drummer with China’s first all-female punk band Hang on the Box. She is also a former member of the Avant-duo White with Zhang Shou Wang from Carsick CarsShenggy also makes a guest appearance on the upcoming studio album by Einstürzende Neubauten for 2020.

Christos Fanaras follows in the Greek lineage of ambient pioneers, like Vangelis and Iasos only with an emphasis on deep dark brooding soundscapes and space-age melancholia.  Christos is currently playing bass guitar in Daniel O’Sullivan’s band, having recently released an album on Tim Burgess’s imprint, O Genesis.

A launch party for Chollima is taking place on October the 12th at The Old Baths in Hackney Wick. Elephant House is also performing at Contra Pop festival on August 17th in Ramsgate, and at Cafe Oto on August 15th with Markus Popp (Oval).

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