Release day for ambient musician, Alaskan Tapes’ latest track

It’s release day for the ambient artist, Alaskan Tapes! The Canadian artist is releasing his title track, ‘View From Sixteen Stories’ ahead of the upcoming album. The single premiered via Clash Magazine and has received a positive response so far.

The naming behind both the track and the album is a curious tale. Alaskan Tapes found Chuck Palahniuk’s novel Survivor as he describes dancing with a partner on a ship as the ship is sinking. The idea grabbed the ambient producer, as he chose to explore the emotions that would come with this experience.

Alaskan Tapes says about the single, “‘Views From Sixteen Stories’ was one of the last tracks I made for the album, and one of my personal favourites. It was mostly made up of multiple extra studio recordings, the drums were from the ‘The Times Are Tired’ Session, the horns were from the first french horn session, and the guitars, and extra elements were added in afterwards. It’s often that I use this tactic for songwriting since by the end of the writing process I’m so familiar with the recordings, I know how I want them to sound, and know what elements can go with what. This track also went through multiple forms, originally the drone at the end was supposed to be at the start with a different guitar melody as it slowly built up to the drums, but I ended up shortening it, and putting a shorter version of the drone at the end. The remains of that version are found on the last track of the album.”

The single is the second to be released from the upcoming album, with the previous one being ‘The Times Are Tired’. Emotions shine through with both tracks as Alaskan Tapes teases us with anticipation for the unreleased.

Views From Sixteen Stories Tracklist:
1. Oh, Seeker
2. The Times Are Tired
3. And Yet They Float
4. Lift Me (Somehow)
5. Another Song To Stop The Spinning
6. Still (feat. Voga)
7. And, We Disappear
8. Views From Tower Two
9. Pretend
10. Views From Sixteen Stories
11. Before Sinking

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