Opposite forces existing together in the harmony of a perfect orb. Listen to Lomea’s “Echoes In Bloom”

Echoes In Bloom is the sophomore album by multi-instrumentalist producer and fine-artist, Lomea. Released via Here and Now Recordings, Lomea is forging his own sound often pairing 12 string guitar with techno and electronica. His multi-layered, processed, filtered and acoustic guitars coupled with all manner of synths, found sound, field recordings, effects and electronics, lends itself as much to alternative, post and prog rock as it does dance music with nods to film-score and classical music too.

“With Echoes In Bloom I wanted to make an album without any considerations for what genre it fit into, let alone what’s currently fashionable – just whatever felt honest. Music allows me to express things in an infinitely more profound way than language ever could” he says of the album.

The album artwork is a series of 9 of his canvas paintings, interlocking to represent the Ouroboros, or snake swallowing its tail – symbolising unity, wholeness, two opposites coming together as one.

The album features ten full instrumental songs, on which he weaves the electronic with the acoustic, analogue with digital, the intense with the serene, creating a distinctive musical palette and revealing an instinctive natural warmth and empathy. His soundscape can be likened to the yin & the yang –  opposite forces, yet, existing together in the harmony of a perfect orb.

Echoes in Bloom Tracklist:

1 Stitched With its Colour

2 Reach

3 Demina

4 Unmasked

5 Sudden Red

6 Interweave

7 Rubatosis

8 Silver Touch

9 You Are Your Memories

10 Echoes in Bloom

Lomea Spotify Competition
Follow Lomea on Spotify to win high quality limited edition, one-off bespoke prints of the 9 interlocking canvas paintings that make up the artwork to his new album ‘Echoes In Bloom’. A print of the entire 9-painting cover is also up for grabs. 10 prints in total.

Winners to be announced on 10th June.

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