Rich Aucoin Lends Chrome Sparks for New Song ‘The Mind’

In a sea of electronic artists, it’s always an utmost pleasure when one can sit back and use the word ‘musician’ for the original intent of the word. During a 13 year career offering much more than just music, Rich Aucoin fits the bill with his incredible signature dish of electronic indie brought to life with live instruments. 

The latest single from the artist, entitled ‘The Mind’ released on 8 March, rises with pulsing synth waves, spiralling out and then back inside towards the beating heart of the song, provided by the live drum skills of Chrome Sparks on the main kit, and complemented by a session recording drum beat by Justin Peroff of Broken Social Scene

According to Aucoin, “This track is about the mind and therefore has no lyrics.” Instead what the song offers are two sonar like vocal samples which switch out and weave together. About the vocals Aucoin explains something interesting, “The vocal melody seamlessly switches from male to female vocals with Jenn (Grant) and my voices being the samples.” And in a song entitled ‘The Mind’, I wonder if Aucoin is not perhaps making some kind of statement with this. Perhaps I should hope for a music video that provides more clarity on this before I jump to any conclusions. 

Listen to ‘The Mind‘ here.

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