Kiasmos’ Janus Rasmussen announces solo album, releases the deep ‘Green Wine’ single

It’s always exciting to see what will happen when a member of a group decides to release solo music. Will it differ greatly from the original project? What else are they capable of? Will I like it?

I can safely reassure you, as a Kiasmos fan, you will love Janus Rasmussen’s solo debut. It’s similar enough (which makes sense, seeing as he is in Kiasmos), but still offers a fresh perspective which could only have sprouted from Janus‘ creative mind. 

Janus Rasmussen, one half of the critically acclaimed minimal techno duo KIASMOS, has shared his first pre-album single, ‘Green Wine’ which has been lifted from his upcoming debut album Vín, due for release on the 8th of March via Ki Records

Janus Rasmussen draws inspiration from a wide array of sources as he tends to look at problems as a source of inspiration. In his own words, “I often work really quickly and I tend to be drawn to really strange ideas. I have this kind of obsession with finding something that really should not work and make it work. It’s very satisfying.” Furthermore, his music is influenced by genre-defining acts such as Radiohead, Aphex Twin and Leonard Cohen. If you’re a fan of the intricate production elements, the emotional soundscapes, or the soothing harmonies of acts like Jon Hopkins, Christian Löffler, Pantha Du Prince, or Nicolas Jaar, then Janus Rasmussen’s latest release will be the perfect record for your musical collection. 

Dancing between the edge of deep house and downtempo, ‘Green Wine’ is a fun track that seems to stir up a sense of euphoria with the listener. At first I thought it would be a melancholic trip through the labyrinth of Janus‘ mind; but about after a bout a minute into the track, a light hearted melody starts taking control as you can’t help but get lost in the vast cup of ‘Green Wine’ 

Listen to Janus Rasmussen’s debut solo track, ‘Green Wine’ below:

On why he decided to release his solo tracks, Janus Rasmussen said “I had been playing a lot of these songs [live], and they were working really well. I didn’t really tell anyone what the songs were, but they were obviously really fitting into the sets, as they’re not too far off from the Kiasmos sound, despite being different. I had never done that before: playing unfinished tracks and just seeing the reaction. It was super fun, actually. You learn a lot about your own music when you do that.”

Album Tracklist:

  1. Green Wine
  2. Lilla
  3. March
  4. April
  5. 14
  6. Orange
  7. Pliant
  8. 87
  9. Wisp
  10. Kilju
  11. Hue
  12. December

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